Meet The Team

We are Fundraisers who set up an agency.

We are Fundraisers who bring personal expertise from setting up in-house teams and agency relationships all over the world, and personal experience of all aspects of field canvassing in the USA.

Martin Leggett

Martin Leggett

(Chief Executive Officer)

Born in Pennsylvania, Martin is a lifelong entrepreneur and an innovator in the world of fundraising. His years of study in the non-profit and governmental space earned him Honors Degrees from Clark University in both Government & International Relations, and Public Administration. Once out ‘in the field’, Martin worked as a fundraising consultant and grant-writer for local non-profits in Worcester, MA. While this work was fulfilling, his drive and passion told him there had to be a more sustainable way to secure funding. Read More

John Jeffries

John Jeffries

(Head of Development)

John is British, and, having graduated in Economics from the University of Bath, began a career in Retail Training. In 2006, he took the skills he developed in training and people development into the canvassing sector, with Fundraising Initiatives, in London. During this time he developed an affinity for the needs of his clients and an in-depth knowledge of successful canvassing. Read More


Lisa Pace

(HR Director)

Born and raised in Texas, Lisa still calls Texas home. She currently lives in a small town outside of Austin called Bastrop. Lisa has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources (HR) and business administration, but is committed to continuous self-development and is currently studying for additional HR certification. Read More

Sally Mann

Sally Mann

(Director of Operations)

Born in Ohio, Sally is an avid humanitarian and activist. She earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Anthropology from Eastern Kentucky University focusing on culture and sustainable development. Read More


Jordan Krenek

(National Training Manager)

“I’m born and raised in Austin, Texas. I have a background in marketing and I study leadership and personal development. Although I’m naturally very competitive, my number one rule is to have fun. Read More

Andrew Castellano

Andrew Castellano

(Senior Manager and Consultant)

After graduating with a degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University, Andrew moved to Austin, Texas, where he immediately immersed himself in the world of fundraising and advocacy campaigning. He has called Texas home for the last 10 years. Read More


Meredith Garofalo

(Head of Cultural Development)

Meredith Garofalo hails originally from Hollister, California but lived in Los Angeles for the last seven years, prior to moving to Austin, TX to be part of NCE’s Operations Team. Unusually, Meredith did not find NCE, but we found Meredith, who was, at the time, running the Los Angeles team for another F2F Agency. Read More

Elena Jeffries

Elena Jeffries

(Head of NCE Recruitment)

A global citizen, with a Russian soul, Elena was born and raised in Siberia, Russia, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Kurgan State University. She soon put that to use as Marketing Director in the retail sector and as a professional photographer, before beginning a career in fundraising for the Victoria Children’s Foundation in Moscow in 2008. Read More


Alex Cuda

(Director of Tech and Data Analytics)

Alex is originally from Illinois and is now living in Portland, OR. He started off as a fundraiser in our Eugene office knocking doors for The Nature Conservancy, and is now the head of our Data Analytics department. After graduating with a degree in Natural Resources Management from Michigan State, Alex’s work prior to NCE revolved largely around fish data: researching fish populations in various states, completing research projects that influenced fishery regulation changes, and presenting some significant findings at the American Fisheries Society conference. Read More


Kelsey Rosencrance

(Account Executive)

Kelsey was raised in Wisconsin and graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a Media Studies degree. She was a barista in college which made her fall in love with working with people and, more importantly, building relationships.Read More


Sadiki Hester

(National Development Specialist)

Sadiki has been working with NCE for almost 4 years. He started as a canvasser and just worked his way up the ladder for the past 3 years. Sadiki holds two canvassing records that have been standing since 2019 (he also earned a Canvasser of the Year award when he was fundraising in the field).Read More

Matt Spencer

Matt Spencer

(Regional Director, East Coast)

Matt hails from Philadelphia, PA, and, prior to joining NCE, worked as a Personal Trainer. Matt bumped into one of our canvassers on the streets of Philadelphia and was so inspired by what he heard that he immediately applied for a job with us. It didn’t take him long to be promoted to Team Leader, and then to the role of Office Director in New York. Read More

Chris Lindberg

Chris Lindberg

(Regional Director, West Coast)

Chris hails from Thousand Oaks, California, but calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. He attended University of California Santa Cruz, and first worked in the face-to-face fundraising field in 2010 He has canvassed at doors and on the street for Environment California, CalPIRG, Unicef, Doctors without Borders, and Children International. Read More


Devin Hanley

(Special Projects Manager)

Hailing originally from northern Connecticut, Devin is one of NCE’s most tenured employees. Starting as a Canvasser in Austin in 2014, Devin has enthusiastically worked in many different roles during his time with the team. Read More

Drake Gibson

Drake Gibson

(Head of Quality Control)

Drake grew up in a small Texas town on the Texas/Louisiana line but now resides in San Marcos. He studied Public Relations at Lamar University. Life brought Drake and his wife to Austin in 2018 where he met Devin, Ron and Andrew and knew this would be a good fit for him. Before NCE, he worked in human resources and restaurant management. Read More


Ron Schrock

(Director of NCE Recruitment)

Ron hails from lovely Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating high school, he headed west to the beautiful City of Angeles. It was there that he first entered the world of Face-to-Face fundraising. Besides finding his passion and his way in life, raising money to help others, it was also through canvassing that he met his wife, with whom Ron moved to Chicago, and started their own F2F Fundraising company. Read More

Kinsey Hirae

Kinsey Hirae

(Office Director in San Diego, CA)

Kinsey hails from Walpole, Massachusetts, and prior to joining NCE she was a veterinary technician and police liaison. Kinsey thought of changing pace when was browsing Indeed, so when Kinsey saw “Animal Advocate” she immediately knew it was the job for her. Read More

Summer Keatts

Summer Keatts

(Office Director in Austin, TX)

Summer is from Chase City Virginia, a small rural town on the Virginia and North Carolina state border. She graduated at 16 with her associates degree, and immediately dove into the working pool. She found her passion with her very first canvassing job with the ACLU, commuting 1 hour and 40 minutes one way every day for a year, gaining the experience she needed, and deciding that she wanted to do this for the rest of her life. Read More

Megan Acree

Megan Acree

(Office Director in Miami, FL)

Born in metro Detroit, Megan has a passion for humanitarian causes and bringing people together to make sustainable change. Megan started her journey in face to face fundraising in 2018, after being a full-time muralist and street artist across the United States and Brazil. She focuses on bring her creativity and resourcefulness of her street art to her street canvassing.
Read More



Rissa Ruiz

(Office Director in Seattle, WA)

Rissa loves music, dogs, making art, doing puzzles, plethora of plants, traveling and meeting new humans. Rissa also loves to cook, and she adores her 21 year old Weenie dog. Read More

David Souffront

David Souffront

(Virtual F2F Director)

Born in Venezuela, David Souffront is a worldly traveler and enjoys making a difference in the world. With a bachelor’s in foreign languages and literature, David is fluent in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French. David has worked in Chicago as a field director for the Humane Society. In addition, he has worked in Seattle and Charlotte as a campaign director on behalf of Amnesty International. In Charlotte, he opened his own office for Amnesty. Read More


CoShawn Egan-Christopher

(Door Office Director in Austin, TX)

CoShawn is based in Austin, TX, but is a Georgia boy at heart. He came to NCE after seeing an advertisement for fundraising on behalf of the ACLU and he applied on a whim, inspired by the life of his late Uncle, whose life taught him the how impactful, how large, a single life can be if we measure it simply in the number of people we’re able to make smile or in the amount of people we’re able to make feel heard / appreciated.Read More


Jolinda Beck

(Office Director in Nashville,TN)

Jolinda hails from beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, and came to NCE having replied to an advertisement on Indeed, relishing the opportunity to help people and get paid for it.Read More

Alex Halone

Alex Halone

(Office Director in Portland, OR)

Alex was born and raised in Eugene Oregon where she attended the French immersion school which sparked her curiosity in international travel and other cultures. Read More

Tiara Burns

Tiara Burns

(Office Director in New Orleans, LA)

Tiara was born in Flint, Michigan and was raised all over the midwest. She has had people affected by the Flint water crisis so she understands the importance of giving back to the community.Read More


Cam Moss

(Office Director in Atlanta, GA)

Cam moved from Dayton Ohio in 2021 to join the NCE family. Originally a small business owner specializing in all things beauty Cam wanted a change of pace and wanted her work to be a means of changing the lives of others, so when she came across the job on indeed she knew it was everything she was searching for.Read More


Ben McClymont

(Office Director in Chicago, IL)

Ben is a born storyteller and activist. Having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in Japanese Language, East Asian Cultural Studies, and Theatre Arts, Ben soon moved to Japan where he led conferences and workshops all over the country. His adventures brought him to China and then Taiwan where, among other things, he led an air band, started a kids YouTube channel, began a community outreach driven theatre company, and even filmed a Netflix series. He’s thrilled to be able to continue to use his storytelling skills with NCE.Read More


Matt Goelz

(Office Director in the Bay Area, CA)

Hailing from that big bad northern California, Matt spent his youth in Santa Rosa California. After graduating high school Matt worked in several different not so awesome positions before becoming a political activist full time with various companies.Read More

Kelsey Pirc

Kelsey Pirc

(Office Director in Houston, TX)

Kelsey is from Austin, Texas. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work, Kelsey worked with Americorps, gaining experience in micro social work before she ultimately decided to take a macro route and join the world of fundraising. Her passion is in educating others and creating large scale change where it is most needed.Read More

Malik Savage

Malik Savage

(Office Director in Philadelphia, PA)

Hailing from the great city of Atlanta, Ga, Malik recently moved to Philadelphia to become a director after spending nearly a year canvassing on behalf of the ACLU in Atlanta. He graduated with a public relations degree from Ga Southern University and has since used the knowledge he gained to specialize in non-profit work.Read More

Dakota Davidson

Dakota Davidson

(Special Projects Director)

Dakota grew up in a small country town outside of Nashville, TN. A lifelong musician, he aspired to leave Tennessee in search of new adventures. Before finding NCE he studied Digital Media and spent his days enjoying nerdy activities with his friends.Read More