About Us

New Canvassing Experience (NCE) is a face-to-face fundraising (canvassing) agency established in 2016. We have offices across the USA and work on behalf of the most-respected non-profits, such as Greenpeace, Save the Children, The Nature Conservancy, the ASPCA, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and others.

We have the best Canvassers
It is the quality of canvasser that makes the difference. Our aim here is simple: to have the best trained, highest quality canvassers in the sector and pay them well, so they aren’t thinking about pay, but are thinking about how they can be the best canvassers they can be. There are lot of opportunities to develop careers within the organization and travel, nationally and internationally.

For our Clients:
We aim for genuine partnership – the look and feel of an in-house team, a connection to the cause and values you hold, and an openness and clarity of communication upon which extraordinary campaigns can be built.