About Us

New Canvassing Experience (NCE) is a face-to-face fundraising agency established in 2016. The name was chosen to reflect what we do: provide a new canvassing experience, and do so in three distinct ways:

For our Canvassers:
It is the quality of canvasser that makes the difference. Our aim here is simple: to have the best trained, best remunerated, highest quality canvassing staff in the sector. There will be opportunities for canvassers to develop their careers within the organization, but these will never distract from the simple truth that your success, and our success, is based on great individuals enjoying their work each day, and being led and rewarded accordingly. Here you can find some quotes from our canvassers, doing a great job every day.

For our Clients:
We aim for genuine partnership – the look and feel of an in-house team, a connection to the cause and values you hold, and an openness and clarity of communication upon which extraordinary campaigns can be built.

For your Donors:
The decision to become a recurring donor is not one that should be taken lightly. It is an emotional as well as a financial decision. We understand this, and our canvassers too. All donors receive a clear brand messages in a manner that is powerful and persuasive, yet story-based and sensitive; emotional and engaging. Those that decide to say ‘yes’ have the best possible introduction to our partner organisations. Those that don’t, well, they too  have had a positive interaction with the brand.