What We Do

Our teams of professionally trained Canvassers will go out to public and private sites, engage with potential committed donors and look to inspire them with the stories of how they could help make the world a better place by partnering with a For Purpose organisation.
This form of fundraising works because it is one person talking to another. And there is no better way of inspiring someone to become a committed donor than that.

Once a commitment has been made, our Canvasser will collect all the details, together with the first donation, there and then, (eliminating any ‘no show’ rate) using a bespoke digital platform on a tablet computer. This ensures a great donor experience as well as the highest levels of PCI Compliance. We then validate the committed donor’s details with a quick phone call, and pass those details to the For Purpose organisation, to welcome and continue the relationship.

Each campaign is different. We will provide a bespoke proposal, including static and dynamic ROI modelling and breakeven month based on realistic cost and income projections, all for your consideration. However, some aspects of our service will be true for all campaigns:

We will partner with you to identify the best ask levels, prepare the most engaging materials and propositions prior to campaign launch, and we will feed back on how the campaign is going as and when you would like.

There will be complete transparency in all of our training and field activities. Come and be part of the team…inspire your canvassers on your campaign. Come and see what we do and how we do it.

We know that the shorter the gap between sign up and first payment being taken, the higher the retention on the campaign. All first payments are taken at point of sign up – thereby eliminating no-show rate, and ensuring that every committed giver has engaged with the financial as well as the emotional side of the choice to give.

We know that donor age correlates with donor quality. We also know that other agencies have resisted the opportunity to focus on recruiting older donors. All donors will be over 25, and all of our Canvasser bonus metrics are based on recruiting donors aged 30 or over.

All donors will be employed and asked to confirm this at the point of signup. (any donor who is not employed will be asked to confirm a regular source of income or will be passed to you free of charge).

You can expect 100% telephone number capture and 90% valid email capture.